Her Tribes

The Floral Tribe accentuates your individuality with a range of scents and essential ingredients including omnipresent coconut, racy gingerlily and blossoming frangipani. Be beckoned and enjoy the floral delights of Fiji.

The Fiji Spice Queen’s Fruit Tribe is both carefree and redemptive. Whatever your mood, the Fruit tribe can provide. Indulge in the lush curative Mango and Mandarin, go purist with the epic Noni fruit or let the sweetness of Starfruit steal you away.

Last, but never least is The Spice Tribe: My greatest grandmother was all about the quintessential spices. Vital to her trade, her ancestral migration, to her journey and to her evolving remedies, spices were integral to her life. The scents of Ginger, cardamom, vanilla, nutmeg are just some of the spicy charmers she harnesses within this tribe. Invigorating, provoking, calming….the spice is yours.

Oh, and by the way –as you read this remember that ‘Life is like this: sometimes sun, sometimes rain.’ Another of my greatest grandmother’s favorite Fijian quotes!