You've heard of Fiji Spice Queen Skincare but don't really know if it's going to work for you?
We know it's a risk buying online, so here's some FAQ's to help you get started and decide if we are for you. We will definitely look stunning in your bathroom or on your shelves. Any questions not answered here please come straight to us - we're real people and it's our passion to make you happy and be your skincare. 



Where can I buy Fiji Spice Queen products in Fiji?

While you're chilling out in Fiji you can leisurely shop at The Projects Collective located at the beach house in the Coral Coast and Denarau Road, Nadi. The Projects Collective is also an online based store. Vuda Marina General Store, Totoka Hair and beauty in Denerau, My Fiji Store, also an online based store  and Pineapple Boutique in the FNPF Plaza, Suva are all part of the Fiji Spice Queen's world.

The following links provide an easy access for online shopping through our Fiji Spice Queen partners:



Are any of your products Vegan?

Every single one.

I am allergic to some fragrances - what can I use from the Fiji Spice Queen range?

Try these:  Fragrance Free Body & Hair Oil- a combo of 6 botanical oils packed with nourishing goodness and an un-fragranced Noni Soap with a base of pure coconut oil and healing Dilo Oil.

What ingredients do you use?

There's a full list of them here

What do you have for really dry skin?

All our products are good for you but in particular our hydrating Body Lotions with the inclusion of Mango Butter and the super nourishing The Body Oils are amazing after an energising exfoliation with our Fairtrade Sugar Scrubs.

If I have mature skin what does Fiji Spice Queen have for me?

All the Lotions and Body Oils have heaps of anti-oxidents and anti-aging elements and will be beautifully hydrating for your skin. Start with a super exfoliation and then apply the rest.

Do you have products for the face?

Currently no- we do have some men tell us they use the Body & Hair Oil on their beards with great success but everything is produced with 'below the face" in mind.

I'm a male. Do you have products for me?

Sure do! Our Spice Tribe Body & Hair Oil & Body Lotion is perfect for you and a big hit with all our men friends. The Soaps - Pure Coconut & Noni. Be adventurous- go Coconut Fair Trade Sugar Scrub and bust the myth that men age faster than women.

Are your products made in Fiji?

Yes - certified a Product of Fiji.

Are the Ingredients all from Fiji?

Where possible we source the highest quality locally however there are some ingredients that are not yet made in Fiji (we are hoping to change that) and these we bring from afar. We use the best reputable suppliers, having carefully checked their sources to make sure none of these products have been tested on animals.

Where do you stand with Animal Testing on products?

We are certified Cruelty Free by Choose Cruelty Free Australia. Its a strict accreditation and we are proud to have achieved it. It's a core value of our company. 

What are your Core Values?

Check them our here


Can I buy Fiji Spice Queen as a Gift and have it shipped as one?

Absolutely and we take great pride in making your Gift look awesome! Want to impress?

Do you ship internationally?


What if I order then change my mind about the product I've purchased?

Email us immediately and we'll work it out <info@fijispicequeen.com>

When can I expect my order to be shipped?

We aim to get your order out within 48 hours of receiving it.