About Us


Their first encounter was in a florist‘s shop in Petone, New Zealand. At aged four and half, frisky Francesca took great delight in poking her tongue out at Linley’s mother. This bold act both surprised and thrilled Linley who promptly stuck her tongue straight back out. This cheeky exchange signaled the beginning of their adventures…In their earliest days they shared a love of horses. Since neither owned one of these glorious animals they were forced to ‘borrow’ George and Chiquita from down the road. One would jump onto the fence while the other enticed Chiquita with an apple. Once more or less on the horses, they would gallop bareback – imaginations letting fly as they pioneered exotic and foreign worlds. Their imaginations were always their treasure.

Elvis was their second shared love. Absolutely infatuated with the way he looked, the way he moved, they had him plastered all over their bedroom walls. With visions of becoming one of his leading ladies they sent him pictures of beautiful women, proudly telling Elvis they were them! ‘Would you like us to star in your next movie? Pretty Please Elvis!’ (He never replied!) Their love for him developed into their first business ventures. Creating an Elvis Presley Fan Club they charged school mates for membership. They then extended their market – built a go cart and transported their friends from home to school and then to the Elvis Club House. Charging threepence per person! However, it wasn’t just about them. They were community minded, loved the environment and were into sustainability back then too. Once they collected scrap metal to buy a new tennis net for school and after rugby games took pride in collecting all the discarded soft drink bottles.

In their twenties, Francesca took flight for Europe, making home in Greece. There she rode her motorbike and began a business selling handmade perfumes for the tourist market. Flowers of Greece flourished. Francesca realised that not only did she thrive on creating a product for a unique market place but she also loved the challenges of extending her range and continually creating innovative and intriguing perfumes. Having studied commercial studies Linley went to work in an office in Australia. There it dawned on her that she would rather be running the company and no doubt could do it better than some who were. Something was also vitally missing in her work/world balance. Having always been fascinated with spiritual and physical wellness Linley abandoned the office and took the leap to study spa therapies…

Now Linley and Francesca, are both co-CEOs of highly successful New Zealand companies. Linley knows beauty inside and out. Her clinic Urban Sanctuary in New Zealand has won the Decleor New Zealand Salon of the Year six times. As CEO Linley has remained completely hands on for 20 years. Her joy in her work remains steadfast and pure. It is, quite simply - the desire to have a positive effect on people, to help them heal, while continuing to learn what harmony and happiness mean to different people. Francesca, is now an established perfumer who loves to drum and still rides horses. Just as entrepreneurial as ever, Francesca is part owner of the highly successful, award winning Pacific Perfumes who sell their delicious range of perfumes, soaps and lotions worldwide and online. Through developing this extensive range Francesca’s business mind has evolved tremendously. Expansion has meant embracing the bigger picture from grower to buyer. She stresses the necessity of using curative ingredients while always, always striving to be sustainable.

In awe of the raw sensuality in Fiji, the blend of Fijian and Indian cultures, the colonial history, not to mention the astounding landscape, human warmth and surrounding water of Fiji, The Fiji Spice Queen offers honest ingredients to enhance well-being. Made in Fiji, eco-friendly, employing local Fijians and supporting ancient Fijian wisdom, without harming any animals, The Fiji Spice Queen is at once playful, hopeful and everlasting. Become part of the Fiji Spice Queen legend.