Our Story

Linley (left) and Francesca (right). That photo was on our first day of school at 5 years old, holding hands and both excited and terrified about what was to come. Fast forward to now - a lot's happened on the way but to get you up to speed, we were both inspired by Fiji and embarked upon this new adventure. That's what Kiwi's do. 

There's a raw sensuality in Fiji, the blend of Fijian and Indian cultures, not to mention the astounding landscape, human warmth and our mighty Pacific surrounding it all.  Our goal was to make skincare with honest ingredients to enhance well-being. Making it all in Fiji, supporting eco-friendly and fair trade initiatives, we employ local Fijians while planning  to be a force for environmental education - especially with the local kids!

We were the first Certified Cruelty Free Skincare company in Fiji and now there's 2 more so we're super proud to lead the charge for No Animal Testing. We’re also passionate about getting rid of those damn plastic bags that stuff up our marine life... Read more about us